Resources for our Pastors and Ministers


Free Church Accounting

Here is some help with your church accounting systems.  Be sure to sign up on the email list for updates regarding church accounting procedures. 

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All-In-One Church Worship & Outreach Resources To Engage And Grow Disciples.  Incredable website for worship background videos, powerpoint sermons, etc.  This resource averages about $25.00 per month.

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Start Church

Everything you need to start a church, from accounting processes, to growing your church. StartCHURCH is a company dedicated to meeting the needs of pastors, leaders and church boards that have a vision to make a difference in their communities through establishing new churches and ministries. Make sure to sign up for the free stuff!

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John Maxwell

From John Maxwell's website, "My name’s John, and I’m your friend.      You want to live a life that matters. You're ready to go the journey, but every new adventure needs a trustworthy guide. Everybody needs a friend to go with them and a mentor to show the way. Let's go the journey together".  Make sure to sign up for John's blog, it's free and it's awesome. 

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Pastor Carey Nieuwhof

You will love this pastor.  Incredable resources. Here he has 10 Church Growth Strategies That Cost Zero Dollars. Many other free resources. Again, sign up for the free stuff. 

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It is our desire to give our Pastors and Churches the  resources they need to help train in every area of ministry, but it is impossible for us to read and endorse every element of each website that has been made available.  Please use what you are in agreement with and is helpful to your ministry.  We pray that some of this material will be a blessing to the growth of your personal ministry and churches.


Forum of Christian Leaders

FOCL  is committed to fulfilling Christ’s command by developing global evangelical leaders. 

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Dawnings Pregnancy Resource Center

Dawnings Pregnancy Resource Center Of Dinuba  exists to make sure woman and men are provided with the caring support  they need as they face crucial decisions regarding their pregnancy or  lifestyle. 

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Christian Book Reviews

The Gospel Coalition does all the work for you.  Review Christian books before you purchase them.  You can filter by Author, or book title.  This is a great website.

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Christian Book Recomendations

The Gospel Coalition makes great recommendations for the newest releases of your favorite Christian authors.

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Ministry127 Is a resource for Spiritual Leaders! This website,  hosted by Pastor Paul Chappell, features a growing collection of  ministry resources that are available 24/7 at no charge. Contributors to  Ministry127 are spiritual leaders from around the world who serve God  on the front lines of local church ministry. They are fundamental in  doctrine, biblical in practice, and Christ-honoring in ministry  philosophy. Make sure to check out their resource page. Awesome sermon illustrations!

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Robert Morris Ministries

Robert Morris Ministries speaks for itself.  Make sure to sign up for the blog.  Great stuff here. 

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Great Stuff to Download

The XL spreadsheets will help you to convert your church accounting from paper ledger to computer ledger.  Make sure that you download the instructions for XL spread sheets.  If you need help with instructions please call us at the District Office.  We are here to serve. 

IMC Ministry Intensives

 Functional training for ministry​

Advancing new ministry, broadening existing ministry,​ and equipping you to walk worthy of your calling.

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