Our Team

District Bishop

Rob Culver

District Secretary/Treasurer

Dale Rains

District Presbyter

Steve Hammond

Ministry Directors

Women's Director

Robbie Culver

Youth Director

Matt Moorhead

Men's Director

Chad Buttrey

World Mission's Director

Pauline Gilbert

Home Mission's Director

Jack Alisea 

Multicultural Director

Bobby Guerra

District Presbyters

Coastal: Roy Spinks

East Fresno: Ed Forsythe

West Fresno: Dave Moore

Greater Fresno: Robert Norman

Kings: Bobby Guerra

Merced: Bob Allen

Monterey Bay: Charles Tuck

Salinas Valley: Jack Alisea

Santa Clara: Phil Mitchell  

Sequoia: Art Swift

Success: Augie Rodriguez

Central Valley: Robert Swanson  

Evangelists and Other Ministries

These ministers are available for Revivals, Special Services, and filling the pulpit for pastor's vacations.   If you are a CCPCG credentialed minister and would like to be added to this list, please contact the District Office. This list will be updated regularly. 

Minister's List

Kurt Walker

Sherlock Bally

Wayne Holman

Debra Holt

Charles Huddleston

Dave Broyles

Art Powers

Kenneth Passmore

Harry Powers

Jeff Sims

Robert Morris

Don Gilbert

Please contact the District Office for contact information. 

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